Megan N. Liberty
Megan N. Liberty
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“Forgotten Moments and Future Exhibitions,” The Brooklyn Rail, Industry City

Nov 16, 2018

In conjunction with this month’s Critics Page, the Brooklyn Rail is excited to host Forgotten Moments and Future Exhibitions a panel discussion about the role of the archive in artists’ books as both form and exhibition. The discussion will be moderated by our Guest Critic, Jo Melvin, featuring artist and publisher James Hoff, art historian Alex Bacon, and the Rail’s Art Books Editor, Megan N. Liberty.


“The Life of Art Books: Circulation, Distribution, Exchange,” Recto / Verso: Art Publishing in Practice, MoMA PS1

Aug 5, 2018

A panel discussion led by the Brooklyn Rail’s Art Books Editor, Megan N. Liberty, focusing on the circulation of art books and their unique ability to move between and function in various realms—such as exhibitions, commercial spaces, and scholarly research—and the opportunities this creates for artists and publishers. The panel will also explore the many modes of distribution of artists’ books, from sharing and exchange, to sales, web publications and e-books. Participants will include: Nicole Kaack (Dedalus Fellow in The Museum of Modern Art Archives), Emmy Catedral (Coordinator of Fairs and Editions at Printed Matter), Sharon Helgason Gallagher (President and Publisher of ARTBOOK | D.A.P.), Lisa Pearson (Publisher at Siglio Press).


“Printed Page in the Digital Age,” Ninth Annual Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference, New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1

Sept 17, 2016

This session examines the relationship between the printed page and the digital screen in contemporary art. Artists working with the internet, photography, and video are referencing the space of the book, specifically the printed page, in their works, just as artists’ publishing and working with printed books are re-conceptualizing the book space to reference screen-culture and digital modes of reading. This session will explore the activity of reading and the ways in which shifting intermedia relations demonstrate a new mode of reading and engagement with the page in the digital age. Presenters include Leslie Hewitt, Megan N. Liberty, and Paul Soulellis. Organized by Megan N. Liberty.