Megan N. Liberty
Megan N. Liberty
woman of letters


Select Exhibition Reviews

“An Alternative History of the Future,” Frieze

“Ruptured Histories: Chinn Wang at The Print Center,” Art in Print [featured on cover]

“Paul Mpagi Sepuya Breathes New Life Into the Genre of Studio Portraiture,” Hyperallergic

Sarah Charlesworth at Paula Cooper Gallery, ArtReview (print only)

“How Photographer Erica Baum Peers Below the Surface of the Faded Page,” Frieze

Critic’s Pick: Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.,

Martha Rosler IRRESPECTIVE at the Jewish Museum, The White Review

Spine at Ortega y Gasset Projects, The Brooklyn Rail

“Anna Atkins & Photography’s Blue Beginnings,” New York Review of Books Daily

“The Tactile Pull of Keith Smith’s Book Art,” Hyperallergic

“The Clever Concrete Poetry of a Benedictine Monk,” Hyperallergic

“The Book as Technology,” Los Angeles Review of Books

“The Color Palette of Materialism, from Rose Gold iPhones to Millennial Pink Shopping Bags,” Hyperallergic

“The Loving, Self-Deprecating Comics of Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Robert Crumb,” Hyperallergic

“The Bits and Pieces of Robert Seydel,” Art in Print

“Daily Life as Art in Gilbert & George’s Early Works,” Hyperallergic

Select Book Reviews

“Deana Lawson's Curtains,” Los Angeles Review of Books

Leanne Shapton's Guestbook: Ghost Stories, The Brooklyn Rail

“How Our Relationship to Books Has Changed Throughout History,” Hyperallergic

Penny Slinger's 50% The Visible Woman, The Brooklyn Rail

Leslie Hewitt’s OSMOS monograph, The Brooklyn Rail

“Collaging Together Scraps of Trauma: Karen Green’s Frail Sister,” Los Angeles Review of Books

Richard McGuire’s Art For The Street 1978 – 1982, The Brooklyn Rail

“Ray Johnson’s Kaleidoscopic Interview Practice,” Los Angeles Review of Books

“Jack Whitten’s Newly Published Journals Chronicle a Troubled Path to Success,” Hyperallergic

An Atlas of Rare & Familiar Colour, The Brooklyn Rail

Stanley Whitney: Sketchbook, The Brooklyn Rail

“The Truths We Do Not Know We Know,” [on Teju Cole’s Blind Spot], Los Angeles Review of Books

Tate Shaw's Blurred Library: Essays on Artists’ Books, The Brooklyn Rail

“A Graphic Memoir About Learning to Cope with What’s Left Behind,” Hyperallergic

“An Intimate Reading of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Poetry,” Hyperallergic

“Front to Back, Top to Bottom, a New Book Series Reimagines How We Read,” Hyperallergic

“How to See a World in a Corner of a Living Room,” Hyperallergic

“Christopher Williams Shakes Up the Exhibition Catalogue,” Hyperallergic

Select Interviews

Model Behavior: Interview with Robin F. Williams, Juxtapoz Magazine [cover feature]

Sonel Breslav in conversation with Megan N. Liberty, The Brooklyn Rail 

“The Creators of the Comics Newspaper RESIST! Are ‘Picturing the America We Want,’” Hyperallergic

“Personal Stories from Shakespeare and Company, Paris’s Beloved English-Language Bookstore,” Hyperallergic

Select Essays & Reporting

“At the New York Tech Zine Fair, the Digital and the Tactile Converge,” Hyperallergic

“The Hybrid Space of the Art Book.” Recto/Verso: Art Publishing in Practice, New York. New York: Hauser & Wirth Publishers, 2018

“A Comics Newspaper for the Women’s Resistance,” Hyperallergic

“A New Bookstore in Philly Offers Much More than Books,” Hyperallergic

“Turning Manifestos into Music,” Hyperallergic